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How do you moisturize your face in Summer?

See Dr. Papantoniou’s recent interview by Glamour Magazine: see below the interview questions, and visit the site for more information:

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Tattoo tips you need to read!

In a time where tattoos are rising in popularity amongst people of all ages it is vital to educate those who are planning on getting “inked,” and especially those who

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The Pimple Emergency!

Who hasn’t had a pimple emergency at one point in their life, if you are lucky and haven’t had to deal with this…then that is just unfair, but maybe take

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Deodorant Myths

Dr. Papantoniou was recently interviewed by Glamour magazine to read more see here: Is there a right way to put on deodorant to make it the most effective? Some

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Dr. Papantoniou Explains Botox Vs. Fillers

Excessive Sweating Treatment: What’s New in the Treatment for Excessive Sweating

Skin Cancer: What You Should Know

How To Keep Your Skin Safe From The Sun

How Your Diet Affects Your Skin Health


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