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Tattoo tips you need to read!

In a time where tattoos are rising in popularity amongst people of all ages it is vital to educate those who are planning on getting “inked,” and especially those who have already had tattoo work, on the proper care of their skin. There are several main points of care that everyone should know:

  • Sunscreen: The harmful ultraviolet rays from sun or tanning bed exposures can damage the pigment within tattoos, and will also increase the risk for developing skin cancer.
  • Visit a Dermatologist: a routine skin screening for skin cancers is essential, a skin cancer can be difficult to spot within a tattoo, and for this reason tattoos must be carefully examined at least once per year. For this same reason it is best to have a tattoo placed in an area without moles.
  • Seek dermatologic care if you develop a rash in the area of the tattoo: very rarely there can be the complication of an allergic reaction to a tattoo pigment. There are also many skin diseases can present within a tattoo as well, for example psoriasis or sarcoidosis can flare in tattooed. If you have a history of a chronic skin condition, first consult with your dermatologist before deciding to get a tattoo.
  • If you have a history of poor healing and hypertrophic or keloid scarring, getting a tattoo may induce a keloid and you may want to reconsider having a tattoo placed. The scarring can be very difficult to treat and laser tattoo removal will not reverse the scar.
  • Using water based creams and sunscreens can help to preserve the integrity of the pigment in a tattoo. Sun exposure and tanning will age the appearance of a tattoo and cause the pigment to fade. Keeping the skin moisturized will greatly help with the health and appearance of the tattoo.
  • Using petrolatum based emollients can actually cause pigment to become dull and washed out over time. Avoid UV exposure without applying sunscreen, minimum SPF 30, with a broad spectrum UVA and UVB blocking product.
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Get The Scoop!

Décolletage, “the scoop” —

Looking to prevent or treat a leathery appearing chest? Read here…

So maybe you yourself have, or maybe you know somebody who has the telltale sign of aging on the chest…you know: age spots, sun spots, red blotchy patches, and a crinkled appearance to the skin on the chest extending down into the cleavage, the so-called “décolletage.” Well, if this has become an area your are beginning to notice more, especially when you are wearing more summery attire or dresses and lower cut shirts, you are not alone. I am treating this routinely for women who come in seeking rejuvenation to this area. I am able to accomplish this very simply with laser treatments and careful assessment of the topical regimens that are being used. I am using the Fraxel dual laser for resurfacing of the crepiness and discoloration and brown spots, I use the Ulthera to tighten lax skin and also firm crepiness, and I use Pulse Dye Lasers to assist in reversing damage to blood vessels and eliminate red blotchy patches if they are present. For some patients I am able to use a combination of these laser treatments when all 3 are necessary, and the results are phenomenal.

Tips: Key to prevention is Sunscreen and minimizing sun exposure to these areas. Using a topical retinoid can help with the appearance and help prevent signs of aging. Keeping the skin hydrated with a delicate moisturizer will also help plump up skin cells and create a smoother firmer look to the skin.



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Solutions for Smoker’s Lines and Wrinkles Around Lips

Now you can finally banish those fine lines and “smoker’s lines” around the mouth!

I am seeing more and more patients who want the lines around their mouths treated. Many of these patients have never been smokers, and are confused about why they are developing wrinkles. The answer is that there are many factors that contribute to the development of “smokers lines”: genetics, sun damage, repetitive drinking from water bottles and drinking from straws are all contributing factors.

To prevent the formation of lines daily sunscreen use is important with a minimum SPF of 30, and regular application of a topical retinoid can help stimulate collagen production in your skin, you also want to avoid drinking from straws and water bottles. In addition if we can help prevent the perioral muscles from contracting strongly with Botox we can help soften the lines and even prevent lines from becoming deeper.

Fillers such as Belotero, Restylane, and Juvederm Ultra are all helpful for treating lines around the lips. My personal product of choice out of the fillers for the fine lines around the mouth is Belotero. Belotero is a great product because it is specialized to treat very fine lines and is safe to use very superficially in the skin and really looks seamless, and lasts around 6 – 9 months depending on the patient.

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