The procedure of Microneedling has been around for many years and within the past 5 years became an internet sensation after “the vampire facial” became a social media craze. But, have your heard about Microneedling RF Pixel8? We are going to explain what the difference is with this exciting technology and show how this device is taking Microneedling to the next level by bridging the effect of mechanical microneedling with the science of radiofrequency energy to rejuvenate skin. To make it simple we are going to highlight the top 5 reasons to do Microneedling RF Pixel8. 

Pixelki8 RF Results Photo

Pixelki8 RF Results Photo

For video of Dr. Papantoniou performing Microneedling RF click this link.


To explain in simple terms, the Microneedling RF Pixel8 device utilizes specially insulated needles that deliver high-intensity radiofrequency energy into the deeper layers of skin where collagen is produced. This gives a uniform warming effect to the collagen layers which stimulate new collagen fibers to grow, leading to improvement to skin quality and texture, and tightens the skin.  Microneedling RF rejuvenates the dermis, leading to younger, firmer and smoother skin. Typically, 3-6 treatments spaced one month apart are recommended for optimal results. Most patients can experience pinpoint bleeding during the treatment and mild redness and swelling immediately after. Depending on the area size most treatments take 15-30 minutes. This procedure is very comfortable, even for the most sensitive of patients, with topical numbing being applied for 30-45 minutes prior to starting the session making a big difference for the experience. The recovery is very short, most patients experience redness and mild swelling for 1-2 days, this is the kind of treatment that can be done on a Friday and you go to work on Monday without any issues.



  1. SKIN TIGHTENING. Microneedling RF helps firm and tighten crepey skin and reverses the early signs of skin laxity. This is ideal for the face, skin around the eyes, jowls, skin on neck, chest and arms. We also use Microneedling RF on the belly for stretch marks and skin laxity that may occur from weight fluctuation, we often see this after pregnancy.
  2. SMOOTH WRINKLES & CELLULITE. Rebuild collagen and rejuvenate your sun-damaged skin with the Microneedling RF to smooth out fine lines, deep wrinkles and creases. A series of Microneedling RF sessions can make significant improvement on skin quality.   
  3. PORE SIZE REDUCTION. Enlarged pores benefit from Microneedling RF, the collagen production that firms the skin also tightens and firms the skin surrounding pores, minimizing their size.
  4. ACNE SCARRING. Deep acne scarring also responds to Microneedling RF, the collagen production can lift and smooth the appearance of atrophic scarring, and the skin rejuvenation and turn over may also help with discoloration.
  5. STRETCH MARKS. Microneedling RF stimulates the deeper layers of collagen that can help restore the skin in areas of stretch marks. The shiny crepey quality of the surface is also improved, helping for the stretch marks to fade in appearance after several treatments.


Now we can see why this Microneedling RF Pixel8 treatment is in such demand and has become so popular. The truth is that is a very effective treatment for collagen production and rejuvenation, has a minimal downtime, is comfortable and affordable to do. This is one of those treatments that truly delivers and will address multiple skin issues with one device. 

Before and After photo of woman side profile neck


 Photo Woman before and After Photo Legs and Neck WrinklesDecorative

Before and After photo of woman side profile neck and face resurfacingdecorative.Before and After photo of woman face resurfacing decorative.decorative.