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How do you moisturize your face in Summer?

See Dr. Papantoniou’s recent interview by Glamour Magazine: see below the interview questions, and visit the site for more information:

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Tattoo tips you need to read!

In a time where tattoos are rising in popularity amongst people of all ages it is vital to educate those who are planning on getting “inked,” and especially those who

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The Pimple Emergency!

Who hasn’t had a pimple emergency at one point in their life, if you are lucky and haven’t had to deal with this…then that is just unfair, but maybe take

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Deodorant Myths

Dr. Papantoniou was recently interviewed by Glamour magazine to read more see here: Is there a right way to put on deodorant to make it the most effective? Some

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two hands with again spots

The Aging Hand

How to both reverse and prevent age spots on hands! How did these get here? You may be wondering. Well, it may not be from your vacation over the winter,

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Get The Scoop!

Décolletage, “the scoop” — Looking to prevent or treat a leathery appearing chest? Read here… So maybe you yourself have, or maybe you know somebody who has the telltale sign

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Luscious Lips!

For a lip you can bite into. All the information you need to know about getting fuller lips! It seems these days that everyone is talking about lips, I get

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How to Treat and Prevent Summer Acne

The Best Summer-Friendly Facials and How They Improve Your Skin

How the Salt Facial Can Help with Summer Skin Concerns

The Dangers of the Hyaluron Pen: Why Professional Lip Fillers Are the Safer Choice

Lip Filler FAQs: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

Everything You Need to Know About Restylane Kysse

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