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Reversing the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, surgical scars and crepiness is Dr. Papantoniou’s specialty and is best achieved with the Fraxel Dual. The Fraxel Dual is a powerful yet gentle tool, and is Dr. Papantoniou’s prefered laser for resurfacing for these reasons. Dr. P tailors her treatment approach to get her patients real results. The Fraxel Dual is the best in it’s class, offering consistent results you can trust and minimal recovery times, allowing you to achieve your goal without losing time.


Dr. Papantoniou specializes in the innovative pairing of lasers, fillers and kybella to perform non-surgical face-lifts, and the best results are delivered by incorporating the Ulthera. The Ulthera is a focused ultrasound that selectively applies energy to the layers of the skin where your collagen is located, stimulating your skin to make its own collagen and tighten. This means you look better with a natural outcome, no worries of looking over done, the Ulthera only restores what you had naturally. Results with the Ulthera may vary in the hands of other practitioners, but Dr. Papantoniou personally performs all her cases and her clients have consistent results.


Dr. Papantoniou is a leader in the field of non-invasive body sculpting + contouring. Dr. P understands that the combination of expert pairing of lasers, skin tightening and cellulite treatments help to reshape virtually any body part, including the neck area. This can safely and painlessly be accomplished with a solid treatment plan. Whether we are starting new, or you need help with lumps/bumps left over from bad liposuction, Dr. P is a meticulous artist, with a gifted vision in body contouring. At Simply Dermatology we use the newest technology Ultrashape Power for safe fat reduction, and the Exilis Elite for cellulite reduction and skin tightening.


Age spots and sun-damaged skin can be wiped clean within a few treatments. Dr. Papantoniou uses the best time tested lasers for the treatment of discoloration. Dr. P combines the best lasers to achieve the overall best results with IPL photofacial, Fraxel and Q-Switch lasers.


Safely and virtually painlessly remove vascular growths on skin: rosacea, birthmarks, cherry angiomas, scars, red stretch marks, broken blood vessels, sun damaged skin. Rosacea can often leave the face and chest with red patches which flush with emotions and temperature changes. Vascular lasers work great to help reduce the redness from rosacea, and if done over several sessions this can be done with minimal down time and great results.


Laser hair removal can safely be accomplished with lasers which are safe for all skin types, for skin types that are darker it is safe to use a long wavelength laser to avoid any risk of discoloration to the areas being treated. Several treatments are necessary for the best results.


The Q switch lasers deliver high energy into the superficial layers of the skin to treat sun spots (solar lentigos), freckles, and tattoos. The laser light targets color within the skin, breaking the pigment into particles which are then cleared by the body’s immune cells.



Whether you are looking to rejuvenate your skin and erase wrinkles, or you are just looking for laser hair removal, it is important that you have the best laser treatment performed. Results are determined not just by the laser being used, but by the person performing the treatment. If this were not the case then results would always be the same from practitioner to practitioner, and we know that they can often vary. The laser operator’s technique and talent play a large role in the outcome of a laser procedure, so we recommend that when choosing a treatment to consider this. Dr. Papantoniou is a laser expert, and is known for delivering results that surpass the expectations of her clients, this she does by applying her knowledge, ability and meticulous work ethic into each treatment. Dr. P stands by her work, and her portfolio of happy patients.

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