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The Science of Skin Rejuvenation: How Non-Invasive Treatments Work

Non-Invasive Treatments at Simply Derm

In dermatology, the evolution of non-invasive treatments has dramatically changed the landscape of skin care. These technologies offer significant aesthetic improvements without surgery, and their recovery times are minimal, making them ideal for those with busy schedules. Here’s how some of the leading treatments at Simply Dermatology work, including Ultherapy, Micro RF, Vbeam, Clear and Brilliant, and Aquagold.

Ultherapy: Precision Lifting with Ultrasound

Ultherapy harnesses micro-focused ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production deep within the skin, targeting the SMAS layer involved in surgical facelifts. This process results in a natural lifting and tightening over time.

Recovery: Patients can resume normal activities immediately, though some may experience slight redness or swelling for a few hours.

ultherapy a skin rejuvenation treatment

Micro RF: Enhanced Microneedling with Radiofrequency

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Micro RF combines the benefits of microneedling with radiofrequency energy. This treatment punctures the skin to initiate collagen production while simultaneously delivering thermal energy to tighten the skin. It’s especially effective for scars and wrinkles.

Recovery: Minor redness and swelling may occur, typically subsiding within 24-48 hours.

Vbeam: Advanced Treatment for Vascular Concerns

The Vbeam pulsed dye laser targets and destroys blood vessels causing redness and lesions, without damaging surrounding tissue. It’s particularly effective for conditions like rosacea and spider veins.

Recovery: Patients typically experience mild redness or bruising for a few days, which makeup can cover if necessary.

vbeam laser with despina for scar removal

Clear and Brilliant: Gentle Laser for Skin Perfection

Clear and Brilliant uses fractional laser technology to create tiny micro-injuries in the skin, which triggers the natural healing process and leads to improved skin texture and tone. It’s known for its effectiveness in enhancing skin radiance and smoothness with minimal downtime.

Recovery: Expect subtle redness and a sandpaper-like texture for about a week, with most returning to normal activities immediately.

Aquagold: Fine Touch Microinfusion

Aquagold fine touch is a microchanneling treatment that delivers custom solutions like PRP, Botox, and/or vitamins directly into the skin. This treatment is excellent for achieving a smoother, plumper, and more radiant complexion with very minimal intrusion.

Recovery: There is no significant downtime; patients can expect minimal redness for just a few hours after the treatment.

aquagold noninvasive facial treatment

Why Choose Non-Invasive Treatments?

These treatments offer noticeable improvements without the risks and extended downtime associated with more invasive procedures. Their ability to deliver quick recovery allows patients to integrate these treatments easily into their lives without significant interruption, making them particularly attractive for those with demanding schedules or who prefer less aggressive approaches to skin care.

At Simply Dermatology, our focus is on delivering natural-looking results through scientifically backed methods. By providing a range of cutting-edge treatments, we tailor our approach to meet each client’s unique skin needs, helping them achieve their aesthetic goals with treatments that are both effective and convenient.

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-Dr. Papantoniou

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