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What Is The Best Body Contouring Devices And Why? | Ultrashape Power

In this article we will cover the merits and flaws of the top 3 devices that are presently on the market and we will delve into how we picked what we believe to be the best solution. Hint–the Ultrashape Power is our preferred device, read to learn why this beats the competition. Continue Reading What Is The Best Body Contouring Devices And Why? | Ultrashape Power

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Are You Eating Right For Your Acne?

woman drinking water  from bottle

Are you eating right for your Acne?


Have you tried every over the counter/prescription for acne, and still can’t seem to stop those pimples from appearing every other day? You are definitely not alone, and this is something I deal with in my office every day. It is unrealistic to believe that all acne will improve with just topical creams and cleansers. This particularly rings true for those of you out there who have hormonal acne….a high number of you indeed. I will go over my general recommendations that can dramatically improve acne naturally!

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