Rash Guards, Why Dermatologists Love Them!

woman in rashguard on beach                                                                                                                       DVF LOVES ROXY

The Culture of Beachgoers from the young to old. How do we change the stereotype?

As a dermatologist I am inspired to help change the culture and climate of swimwear for women. In a time where more skin and more tanning translates to more skin cancer and melanoma, it is time to change this unhealthy pattern. In order to prevent further development of skin cancers we must debunk this idea that the more skin being shown is necessary to look sexy. This is not the case. With the right design, a rash guard and bikini can become a stylish fashion statement poolside or at the beach. We want you to have your fun and look good in the sun, and in the shade look great in your bikini. The mission is to find good quality rash guards with SPF and yet still have swimwear that is sexy, smart, and can evolve and elevate the swimwear culture.

Both my young patients and my older patients have no idea how damaging the rays from the sun can be for aging and skin cancer development. I even have people tell me they want to get their “base tans” before they leave for vacation so they will visit a tanning bed. Tanning beds can greatly increase the risk of melanoma and should never be used. We should be educating our young patients on good skin care measures, and we should lead by example by using sunscreen and wearing more rash guards. Rash guards are coming into fashion now with large swim wear companies regularly producing more and more Rash guard containing lines as the demand is increasing.

It is something to think about, and I would suggest to anyone that wearing a rash guard is actually very comfortable and once damp keep you feeling cool all day long. It makes it simpler especially for a mother chasing after her children at the beach or poolside, you don’t need to worry about anybody reapplying your sunscreen on your back. We often take care of our younger children with sun protective beachwear but neglect ourselves and our older children.  J Crew, Victoria Secret, and Seea are just a few great options, even Target carries a nice collection of Rash Guards for the whole family. Photo credit Roxy

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