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How to microneedle at home, & which derma roller to get?

We all want to smooth out our skin, whether it is for fine lines, acne scarring, stretch marks or the appearance of pore size. After using so many creams, serums and masks that are supposed to give you the results you are looking for, you may be considering something that will work at a deeper level in the skin to give more results.

Derma rollers are gaining popularity for this, and if used on a regular basis can actually deliver some great results. The key is to use them 1-2 x per week, and to switch out for a new derma roller once the needles have started to dull, this could be after 6 weeks to 2 months or sooner depending on how often you are using it. Derma rollers work by creating small perforations through the skin in to the upper portion of the dermis, this stimulates skin repair and remodeling with new collagen and elastin production.

There are a lot of derma rollers out on the market, so how do you weed out the best ones to use?  First you have to know which needle length you need for the specific part of the body or face and whether it is for deeper lines/wrinkles or acne scars or is it for more superficial lines and shallow scars. The needles start at .25 mm and can go up to 3mm. For someone just starting out for the face I would use the .5mm or 1mm, and for around the eyes .25mm or .5mm. If this is to be used off the face, or on cheeks or forehead for deep scars or stretch marks then a 1.5mm needle can be used. The more superficial needles which are .5mm to 1mm are very comfortable to use. When using needles that are 1.5mm or greater you may want to apply a numbing cream prior to treating, I recommend having deeper treatments with microneedling done by a dermatologist if using needles that are larger than 1.5mm.

How to use the derma roller? It is very important to cleanse your face with a gentle soap and then apply alcohol swab to the areas prior to treating. Do not forget to cleanse the derma roller in alcohol prior to treating yourself and after each treatment, you can spray it with alcohol or dip it in a jar of alcohol. When cleaning the derma roller allow the alcohol to dry before you use it. In my practice I prescribe a topical antibiotic gel or lotion to my patients to apply after they treat themselves, otherwise many people break out in fine pimples in the areas that they treated. Take the derma roller and with gentle pressure roll in 1 direction at a time (up to 4 rolls per direction), then lift and roll 45 degrees diagonally, and work your way around.

After treating the areas will be pink like sunburn, but this fades quickly. You may want to apply a vitamin C serum, retinol, or hyaluronic acid serum immediately after to boost results. Make sure to wear sunscreen and protect your skin after using a derma roller, your skin will be more sensitive and prone to sunburn.

This very user friendly derma roller is available on Amazon. If is 1mm, 540 needles and Titanium.

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