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Dr. Papantoniou is a board certified dermatologist and leader in the field of non-invasive body sculpting and contouring. Dr. Papantoniou understands that the combination of expert pairing of lasers, skin tightening and cellulite treatments help to reshape virtually any body part, including the neck area. This can safely and painlessly be accomplished with a solid treatment plan. Whether we are starting new, or you need help with lumps/bumps left over from bad liposuction, Dr. Papantoniou is a meticulous artist, with a gifted vision in body contouring.


Ultrashape Power works with sound wave technology that specifically targets the walls of fat cells. The sound waves produced cause the walls to vibrate and break the fat cells apart, with minimal tissue reaction. This does not injure surrounding blood vessels or nerves, unlike other therapies for fat reduction. There is minimal downtime, without bruising.


Why the Ultrashape Power is the best non-invasive body-contouring treatment.

  1. Destructs 32% of fat in each area treated, highest efficacy of all non-invasive devices.
  2. Customizable to treat different shapes, sizes and contours.
  3. Pain free.
  4. No downtime,no bruising.
  5. No collateral damage to nerves or blood vessels.

Kybella Contouring

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Trust your body-contouring to the expert. Taking care of your body and getting it into the shape you want has never been easier with non-invasive technology. Dr. Papantoniou is experienced in the art of body contouring with most of the popular available treatment platforms, but chooses the Ultrashape Power for her patients because of its efficacy and safety which is far above the other technologies available. Innovative pairing of fat contouring treatments such as Kybella together with the Ultrashape Power and the Exilis Elite skin tightening treatments work best for better results.


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